Along Life’s Road


As the sun rises on yet another day,

            I look forward to the journey in front of me,

On my knees to God in heaven I pray,

            That he guides me through the perils I cannot see!


The sky is clear, the air clean, as the birds make their usual morning fuss,

            As a gentle breeze greets me in the face,

I grow impatient, but there is no need to rush,

            For I am content with my current pace.


The way is long, yet familiar, I know it all too well,

            Trouble and pain will arise as I am often told,

Will I persevere and overcome? Only time will tell,

            On my journey Along Life’s Road!


I see old friends and acquaintances as I venture along,

            New friends wait to greet me on every winding turn,

I see redemption, waiting to separate the right from the wrong,

            To teach the wicked and self-righteous what they have failed to learn.

The sun is high overhead as I journey down this road,

     Visions of life's experiences echo in my mind,

Can I endure and maintain this pace as I grow old?

     The true meaning of life will unfold, in due time.


New loves, lost loves, how innumerable they abound,

     My heart weary like my feet, grow heavy from the load,

I've learned to treasure love's gifts, those lost and those found,

     As I continue this perilous journey, Along Life's Road.


As the sun begins to set and the evening shades draw near,

     I am comfortable on this path, my feet on solid ground,

The end of my travel is certain, but to this I have no fear,

      The woods around me seem so alive, yet barely make a sound!


At the end of this road I will find my eternity,

      For this much has already been foretold,

For you see, death is not the end, but the beginning of me,

      Having endured this tumultuous journey, Along Life's Road!


Mitchell L Taylor

C 2017